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Is very pleased to host

Simone Cametti


private view: Saturday the 16th of January  from11,00 am to 07,00 pm

16 January - 13 March 2021

Saturday 16 January from 11.00 the Shazar Gallery presents primitivo the new solo show by Simone Cametti curated by Valentina Muzi. The exhibition is the first leg of the larger "Bivacchi" project, those abandoned shelters "set in a silent atmosphere, framed by unspoiled nature" that the artist has identified as places to activate. "The action implemented by Cametti (and shown in the exhibition) wanted to give new life, or rather, new light to these sites - now disused -, entering into a relationship first of all with the place and then with the path, tracing one new." In the spaces of via P. Scura, photographs, videos and a 4 m installation define the relationship established between the roman artist (winner of the Terna Prize), the Delle Serre refuge (1500 m above sea level between Abruzzo and Lazio) and nature explored. Cametti's research on light, white and the loss of reference points is expressed in a complex artistic procedure that starts from direct interventions on the abandoned place, such as its lighting given by the installation, the definition of a new path through the woods , a lonely night walk, or climbing to the top of a mountain during a snow storm. "Immediately after the space was explored - Cametti decided to invite two artists for a short residency in the refuge, the youngs Chiara Fantaccione and Francesca Cornacchini." The latter have lived and redefined the space by producing works that will dialogue with those of Cametti on display.

primitivo will be open until March 13 from Tuesday to Saturday from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.  Booking a visit is possible on all official channels of the Shazar Gallery.

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